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Miki Sion

Miki Sion

Richmond Hill, ON


Miki (Miriam) Sion

Miki (Miriam) Sion was born and raised in Israel and has and now living in Richmond Hill, Canada. She began painting in her native Israel and her fascination with the changing colours of Canada’s weather has inspired her work. Miki is a passionate artist who loves vivid colours of vibrant red, orange and yellow. This combination of colours and her travels in the world adds another dimension to her artwork, and influences her work throughout the years. Her medium includes oil, watercolours, acrylic and mix media in various styles starting from realism to abstract and mix media.

Over the years, she has studied in various art schools and attended numerous workshops and seminars featuring respected artists. She is a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, The Israeli Artist Group of Toronto and Bayview Watercoulor Society.

She received an Honourable Mention Award in 2008 and 2009 in the Bayview Watercolour Society Juried Shows.
Miki served as the President of the Israeli Artist Group of Toronto in the years 2006-2007.
Her paintings are held in private collections in Canada, Israel and the United States.

Tel: 905-731-6635
Email: msion@roger.com



Sound of Music by Miki Sion


Happy Island by Miki Sion


String Trio by Miki Sion


Dancing in the woods by Miki Sion


Wailing Wall Women section by Miki Sion


Jerusalem of Gold by Miki Sion


Wild Apples in bloom by Miki Sion


In Bloom by Miki Sion


music in the park by Miki Sion


Hawaii Beauty by Miki Sion


Sabar Cactus by Miki Sion


Amaryllis Bulb by Miki Sion


Tea Time by Miki Sion


Stepping Up by Miki Sion


Quiet Eruption by Miki Sion


Old Jewish Cemetary in Prague by Miki Sion


Protected by Miki Sion


Venice Canal Cruise 1 by Miki Sion


Vanice Canal Cruise 2 by Miki Sion


Venice Canal Cruise 3 by Miki Sion


Night in Venice by Miki Sion


City View by Miki Sion


Venice Journey by Miki Sion


A new day by Miki Sion


Venice Canal by Miki Sion


Water Life floral by Miki Sion


Amaryllis 1 by Miki Sion


Amaryllis 2 by Miki Sion


Roofs of Prague by Miki Sion


Roofs 1 by Miki Sion


Roofs 2 by Miki Sion